Monthly Archives: February 2012

Starting Over Again, Again

I have had several homes on the internet. It’s strange, but for all that people think the internet is ephemeral, it’s actually fairly permanent. And you can always be found. At this point, I’ve about given up on separating my personal internet identity from my professional. The main reason being that it’s only now that I’ve realized that I really do need a professional presence here. Posts will generally be of the academic variety, but there’s the rub. Most of my academic musings these days come from interacting with the only student I have at the moment: my three and half years-old daughter. For instance, right now my thoughts are centered on literacy, especially learning to read graphic novels, because I’ve been helping her understand what movement lines and differences in font might mean in The Pigeon Wants a Puppy. Learning the words is coming easily, but she’s having to learn to interpret the pictures as well, and I find the whole thing fascinating. So, welcome to my semi-professional home on the web. There will be Ivory Tower things scattered about, but they range from the top of the tower to things that are a bit more Ivory Basement.